Oglah Gatamah

Operating Principal

Office 407.855.2222

Email ogatamah@kw.com

Oglah Gatamah Photo

Oglah Gatamah is the Operating Principal/Owner of Keller Williams Legacy Realty in Orlando, Florida. She leads the strategic vision, direction and overall operations of this Keller Williams Realty Franchise. The company values are God, Family, Business & Legacy. She transitioned into real estate in 2016, starting as a Realtor, then a Team Leader overseeing two brokerage locations before purchasing the Franchise In June 2019.

Prior to Real Estate, Oglah has been a Performance-focused executive in the hospitality and retail industries. She has over 20 years experience in start-up, turn-around and mature business growth in Africa, Europe and USA. She is an Inspiring leader with a talent for rallying a team around a vision, encouraging stretch-thinking, and creating a sense of intense urgency and focus that leads to breakthrough business results.

Oglah is a passionate philanthropist who enjoys giving back to those in need and championing women and children causes in different parts of the world. She is a blessed wife and proud mother of 4 amazing children.